The Collaborative Classroom

Edutopia is George Lucas’ foundation for education and contains a wealth of forward-thinking ideas for working with young people in learning environments. Check out this insightful look into The Collaborative Classroom!

But how do we influence and create a collaborative learning environment?:

1. Consider Classroom Geography
2. Focus on Process, Not Right Answers
3. Build In Accountability to Each Other
4. Let Students Teach Each Other
5. Encourage Students to Be In Tune with Each Other

Click Here to see in depth explanations and resources to help facilitate the above processes.

By working together on problem sets in math and sharing their interpretations of literature in roundtable discussions in English, students at The College Preparatory School in Oakland, California, are making collaboration the driving force in their learning.

CLICK HERE to see how collaboration can enhance deeper learning!

Click Here to read more about Edutopia’s collaborative learning research.


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